Our Staff


Our nursing staff are dedicated to our patients and the quality of care they receive at Parkview Medical Clinic.

Nurses meet with the patients to gather information and vitals for the physician. They work closely with our doctors for each patient, administer shots/immunizations, prepare medications, handle prior authorizations, patient phone calls and assist with procedure.


Parkview Medical Clinic has a full-time referral coordinator who assists in coordinating patient referrals to other locations (such as specialty visits, surgeries, etc.) as well as insurance referrals. This role is important in coordinating patient care between our practice and outside providers/facilities to meet patient needs.


Our laboratory department is COLA/CLIA certified. Our lab staff are very thorough and caring of our patients. Throughout the day, lab assist the providers with lab orders, blood work, testing and results.

The majority of our labs are resulted on site same day, the rest are flown daily to our outside laboratory for processing.

Lab work is critical to a patient's health and often-times drives decision-making in a patient's care.


Radiology staff are here for your X-Ray needs. Radiology imaging is very important in patient care and we are proud to offer this service Mondays-Fridays.

Front Desk & Business Office

Front desk has one of the busiest and most multi-task-oriented jobs in a medical clinic. They are responsible for patient appointment scheduling, phone call routing, verifying/entering demographics, insurance and patient informatio, collecting co-pays & balances, medical record releases and more.

The business office is here to assist you with billing and account questions.